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15 February
15 March
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BAD!SLAM!NO!BISCUIT! is Canberra’s first and last and longest running poetry slam at The Phoenix Pub


With The Master of Conflict, The Score Adder and The Sacrificial Poet we give anyone two minutes on stage for prizes.

The City of Queanbeyan Pipes and Drums



All the images on this page are by Adam Thomas, thanks Adam Thomas!

Shakespeare at BAD!SLAM!NO!BISCUIT!

Past dates and feature acts

2016 dates
20 January
17 February
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13 April (*the 2nd Wednesday!)
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21 December2015

15 April featuring David Stavanger with the Viola Cloning Project
18 March featuring Beige Brown, Nicola Lambert and a surprise act!
18 February featuring Fossil Rabbit 
21 January featuring Stackhat

17 December featuring NOZL and Ellie Malbon
19 November featuring Scott Sandwich and Rafe Morris
15 October featuring Eucapocalypts Now and Bacon Cakes
1 October featuring Laurie McDonald
17 September featuring Buddy Wakefield and Sparkles
16 July featuring Marianne Scholem
18 June featuring Florence “Florney” Matthews and C. F. Reid
23 May featuring The Brass Knuckle Brass Band and Hayley Shone
16 April featuring Sparkles
19 March featuring Finnigan and Brother, Thomas A. Day and Good Ghost Bill
19 February featuring Jennifer Compton and The Blade Winner
8 February - BAD!SLAM!NO!BISCUIT! versus FRINGE 2014
15 January featuring Billy Liar and Zoe Anderson

18 December featuring C. R. Avery, Bacon Cakes and Raphael Kabo
20 November featuring Pascalle Burton and The Stress of Leisure
16 October featuring Amelia Filmer-Sankey and El Lukio
18 September featuring Candy Royalle and The Brass Knuckle Brass Band
21 August featuring Bela Farkas and Ell Bella
17 July featuring Shakespeare and Jude Kohn
19 June featuring Ghostboy and houseband Sir Lady Grantham
15 May featuring houseband Dr Stovepipe and Darkwing Dubs
17 April featuring Nick D. and Pablo
31 March (part of the Australian National Folk Festival)
20 March (part of YouAreHere) featuring Fuzzsucker and Hadley
20 February featuring Stackhat [Tim Kent] & Golden Orb
16 January featuring Captain of the Rant (UK) & The Sinbirds

12 December featuring Penelope Asterisk & Tom Woodward
21 November featuring Emilie Zoey Baker & Bacon Cakes

Past The Hadley Memorial Slots

15 April: Arrin Chapman

15 January: Vacant in memory of Hadley
19 February: Roshelle Fong
19 March: Ellie Malbon
16 AprilVacant in memory of Hadley
23 May: Jason Andrews
18 JuneVacant in memory of Hadley
16 JulyVacant in memory of Hadley
20 AugustVacant in memory of Hadley
17 SeptemberVacant in memory of Hadley
15 OctoberCharlie Quinn
19 NovemberVacant in memory of Hadley
17 DecemberVacant in memory of Hadley

16 January: Raphael Kabo
20 February: AK-Pajamas
17 April: Florney
15 May: Thundercat
19 June:  ZoĆ« Erskine
17 July: Vacant in memory of Hadley
21 August: Ryan "Skip" Schipper
18 September: Vacant in memory of Hadley
16 October: Vacant in memory of Hadley
20 November: Vacant in memory of Hadley
18 December: Vacant in memory of Hadley