Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Background for Ro-Koran Malakai

I am also playing in a great Arcana Evolved game being run by Steve, it has been fun as I and the other players settle into our characters and this new world. Below is the beginning of the background for my Giant character, Ro-Koran Malakai.


The Middle son of one of the elders of the Ro-Malakai family, Ro-Koran has the weight of his family history, combined with the aspirations of matching his father, mother and elder brother and sister in their achievements, all on his shoulders. IN addition he feels he must always provide guidance and protection to his younger brother and sisters.

Malakai family

Father: Ro-Ashurah (Evolved Giant/Ritual Warrior)

Elder Brother: Ro-Yaqin (Warmain)

Younger Brother: Ro-Akham (Witch)

Mother: Ro-Ansar (Evolved Giant/Witch)

Elder Sister: Ro-Bakhti (Warmain)

Younger Sister: Ro-Salat (Ritual Warrior)

Younger Sister: Ro-Ayah (Ritual Warrior)

Ro-Koran takes these responsibilities very seriously and it shapes how he acts in the wider world amongst other giants and races. Those he views as younger and not as strong he seeks to guide or protect, those older and more experienced, who have obviously done just service to their family, clan and society, he seeks to learn from and respects.

The Malakai are a martial household and his family holds their house and lands as reward for their role in liberating them, and the people on them, from the Dramojh. The land and the people are to be protected and looked after justly.

His family is close knit both within itself and to the broader clan with annual clan gatherings which include rituals, competitions and festivities always attended by the Malaki. The family also attends annual inter-Clan gatherings which again feature rituals, competitions and festivities but also provide an important opportunity for courtship between different Family and Clan members.

Two pillars define Ro-Koran’s existence, loyalty to his family and honoring his ancestors through taking guidance from the Malakai Books of Lives.

Honoring ones family includes:

Respect for and taking guidance from ones elders while providing guidance and respect to junior family members.

Honouring one’s ancestors includes:

Interpreting the deeds and words of Malakai ancestors as presented in the Books of Lives which were brought from the Homeland and continue to be written.

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  1. Speaking of background for cities...

    How about developing the background for Ro-Korans house and lands? I wasnt sure where to start our game so I just shoved you all in Gahanis - Im happy to change this as I havent made it that clear to everyone where they started. In a way it was irrelevent I just wanted to get you started an on your way.