Friday, May 19, 2006

Carthagum's form of government

Carthagum will most likely be a Timocracy where only access to wealth and how you spend it on behalf of the state determines your eligibility to vote, take part in the government and judiciary and lead the people; do you spend your wealth honourably - I like the duality of the Timocracy definition in the Greek: wealth equals honour; if you weight Aristotle and Plato equally. Gender and race are not determining factors, though these will probably affect your access to the means to take part in the State. This means the State will be stratified with Rich, Middle-class and Poor crossed by those within each class who choose not to spend their money in support of the state – for what-ever reason - I have not quite determined why you wouldn’t other than they don’t like spending their money, or maybe they don’t have access to what you need to spend that money on, ship building facilities, property or mercenaries. Then again maybe they don’t like the City’s politics and there are not enough of them to change the policy course so why spend the wealth at all.

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