Saturday, May 20, 2006

A new magus underconstruction for a new Saga

Anecavanya Ex Miscellenea

Confident and proud of her abilities and heritage Anacevanya is still driven to eclipse her reputation as one of the many Hedge Wizards within the Ex Miscellenea House. Her reputation is derived from her membership of Ex Miscellenea, as well as her bloodline of Colchian heritage. A descendent of Aeetes - a lineage that joined the Order of Hermes after it’s founding from an area that had earlier rejected Bonisagus’ overtures - the lineage is therefore considered suspicious in the eyes of many. In attempting to achieve this eclipse Anacevanya accepted additional training from a senior Bonisagus member of the tumultuous Levant Tribunal, to whom she owes favours, she accepted a similar offer from a member of House Flambeau – both are apparently allied in the Tribunal. The Bonisagus Magus improved her knowledge of Magical Theory as well as introducing her to Medicine and Philosophiae. The Flambeau Magus improved her Penetration, Finesse as well as building on her aptitude with Perdo. In addition to these connections Anecavanya retains a close and respectful relationship with her Parens. Who provided her with ample training in other Arts and Forms, especially Creo and Vim. They spent a great deal of effort eradicating any vestiges of her magical heritage which would be considered negative by detractors amongst the Order. Only the strange cold breeze, which can rise to a gale with spells of great strength, remains – this appears only to raise the fears of those without magical resistance but is not of itself dangerous, or forceful. In addition to the bloodline of Aeetes Anecavanya draws on the lineage of Circe and the Greek Hero Odysseus, through their son Telegonus, as well as the God Dionysus through his marriage to Ariadne.

The Magical Blood

Aeetes: an example

Circe: an example; from the Odyssey or the Metamorphoses

Ariadne: an example; The curse on Theseus in Catullus 64

Medean parallel: an example; from the Argonautica

The Faerie Blood

Dionysus: an example; Catullus 64

Helios: an Example

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