Monday, May 15, 2006

A new Saga and some new characters

Unfortunately we are soon losing our storyguide to Sydney and therefore our Fontis Niger Saga will be coming to an end. But one member of our group is taking up the mantle and starting a new saga. This provides me with my favourite part of role-playing, the chance to make some new characters. To this end I have been researching Colchis, Aeetes, Medea, Circe and Odysseus with this group being the inspiration, forebears and relatives of my Magus. Much of this is recovering old ground from my time at Uni so it will be fun to put all that knowledge to use developing the character and then playing the game. I am also looking at playing a Bandit with Pagan tendencies, his roots in the land and his safety assured by the local communities. Kind o Robin Hood but with less violence and more charm. The Saga is set on Cyprus so he can draw on links to Aphrodite for his charm. Both characters are similar in having a background with the Greek Gods, obviously, but very different in the capabilities available from the heritage of each.

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