Monday, June 19, 2006

Dinner conversation with the Magi

The next time all the Magi are together over dinner Sertorius shares some of the information he has gained from reading the Proceedings of the Provencal Tribunal.

Starting with some wonderful garlic soup and in-between slurping spoonfuls Sertorius tells you “how there seems, essentially, to be two factions in the Provencal Tribunal.

“One consists of Mistridge and Val Negra, the other Bellaquin and Domus Liber.

“According to the Proceedings Fontis Niger was supporting Bellaquin in most matters. But of course, as we know they now do not exist anymore.

“It seems that Mistridge and Val Negra together hold twenty votes while Bellaquin and Domus Liber hold fifteen votes. The two remaining covenants Lupus Specus, with four votes, and Carvea Orbis, with five votes, have been voting with either side.

Currently the Mistridge and Val Negra block has the upper hand. Not only do they have more votes, the Preaco and the current presiding Quaesitor are also amongst their members. When the presiding Quaesitor had been a member of Bellaquin there was greater balance, now, well not so balanced.”

The maid brings out Aubergines aux Cepes, Sertorius smiles broadly and slaps her on the rump as she places the food before us. “Cute” he says before starting in on the food in front of the magi and regales everyone with more of the Proceedings.

“As I was saying Fontis Niger had been supporting Bellaquin in most cases. The founding of the Covenant was opposed by Mistridge – which means they may oppose our new Covenant – anyway Fontis Niger had attempted to achieve recognition as a research Covenant, but failed.”

Finishing off the last of the mushrooms on his plate Sertorius starts mopping up with some crusty bread, speaking as crust flies everywhere and floats in the air.

“No references to Bernadus could be found in the Proceedings, but the last two Tribunal meetings are not recorded – maybe Domus Liber has a Tractatus or short Summa to fill this gap? Anyway as for some other issues that I looked for, well no problems with the Fae have been recorded other than Mistridge complaining that Magi of Lupus Specus molested Fae – sounds like fun (wink, wink to the maid as she clears the dishes) – anyway…the Magi were fined a few pawns of Vis.

“And Bellaquin seemed to have more to do with the Church than other Magi in the Tribunal approve of; it seemed to get them in trouble a few times. 1210 saw a major upset in the Tribunal – the last one recorded – when Bellaquin moved to support the Crusade. They apparently didn’t find much support for this.


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