Wednesday, June 28, 2006

An offer and a plan

After careful thought regarding the last few days activities, hunting for Grazzard and now hoping to bring his murderers to justice, Ro-Koran realises that he has not payed enough attention to the plight of his friend and associate Sasha and the disappearance of her brother.

After discussing this with Claudia he elects to approach Sasha and explain his predicament.

Seeking her out, either within the Giant’s fortress or market place, he explains himself.

“Greetings Sasha, I am in a predicament, I find my obligations to serve the wider interests of the Giants and the lands they protect in conflict with what I feel are the necessity of me providing what support I can to you and the search for your brother. But, if you formally request my assistance as a resident within the Ro-Malakai household then I must provide it and I believe I can then more easily balance my obligations. I will then support and follow you wherever your quest leads. I apologise if I have not provided the support that I should have thus far”

Additionally Ro-Koran seeks out Isomir, either in the Guard-tower or again the Market place with a business proposition.

“Good morning Isomir if we could speak for a moment in private I hope to discuss some issues with you.”

If Isomir agrees then Ro-Koran continues:

“My father and mother must surely trust you as you have provided them with your services for some time and I am hoping that I too can trust you and request your help.

I fear that I know very little about this city, its inhabitants and the factions that no doubt vie for control.

I am hoping that in your quest to gain knowledge and interesting facts that you could assist me in constructing a network within this city to gain information. A wide variety of information, much of interest hopefully to you, but also to me in assuring the safety and prosperity of people within the city and ensuring that the course that is taken within this city is the best possible one. I have made a rather clumsy effort with the thief we met in the market and I doubt he will provide much useful information, though you may be able to provide him with the guidance necessary to improve his utility and his willingness to help us. What do you say to such a proposition? I realise that you have the ability to reach into the Akashic memory and I cannot offer you money for this but rather a mutually beneficial network from which obviously we can hopefully reap rewards in helping with the security of this enclave of civilisation, and I am sure some saleable information from which you can turn a tidy profit – my own interest is not money but security in knowing as much as we can.”

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