Monday, July 17, 2006


Iberia or Al-Andalusia 1210

Iberia has been reclaimed in part by Christian forces from the north. The forces of Islam continue a staunch resistance. The Muslims have reportedly fragmented into a number of smaller Kingdoms which, while still managing to do battle, appear to be gradually falling.

The Order of Hermes has been taking advantage of this, suspect provoking the violence.

  •  Magi of House Flambeau are in the vanguard of bringing new members into the Order, or destroying them.
  •  House Tytalus is also taking advantage of the conflict to recruit, and rebuild their damaged name.
  •  Members of House Bonisagus appear to be attempting to learn what they can from the Witches, Sorcerers and Cabalists that can be found in the Peninsula using a variety of means.
  •  House Ex Miscellenea is growing fast with new members not fitting into Tytalus of Flambeau finding a home here.
  •  House Merinita has taken an unusual interest in the Peninsula, though many are unsure why?
  •  Jerbiton continues to work with the noble mundane, some think to closely.
  •  The other Houses are all of course maintaining an interest in events and ensuring that they have a role in developments there.

Amongst the locals is a rich and diverse heritage of magic, including members of Islamic, Jewish and Christian Traditions, which flourished under the generally benign auspices of the Muslim Caliphs. Not to mention the variety of powerful Islamic Sorcerers.

These other heritages are pursuing a variety of responses to the Orders incursions; from joining, to converting to Christianity, to some going into hiding or fleeing, while others, interests intertwined with the Islamic Kingdoms mount a staunch and complex defense of the Islamic world.

The Magi will find themselves in a newly founded Covenant under the protection of a powerful and older Covenant that has been leading the Orders entry into the Peninsula. They will be under the direction, and protection, of elders within the Covenant though still having plenty of seasons to pursue their objectives within this growing Tribunal.

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