Sunday, July 23, 2006

A letter to the Parens

Salve Gaius Marius Cicero,

I have potentially concerning news for you my Parens. My Covenant has recently come into possession of a Tractatus, titled ‘Improving Magical Defences’ authored by the Magus Silanus, who I do remember meeting early in my apprenticeship. Where did you last see Silanus and in what endeavor was he engaged? What was bringing him to this Tribunal? I am guessing you cannot answer but I will ask anyway.

But I get ahead of myself. According to several of the covenfolk and my sodales a Monk from a Monastery several days from here found a man, who I believe may have been Silanus, deceased near their Monastery. The man was dressed in robes of a make whose description I remember Silanus favouring and he was carrying a wand with markings of a skeletal hand, the Tractatus I have mentioned, wrapped in leather bindings that bore mark, again of a skeletal hand. Additionally he had a brand on his forearm such as this:

He also wore a necklace with several round stones attached; unfortunately he also appears to have had a ring stolen from his hand.

Can you confirm this was Silanus? It has been passed on to me that how this man died was not apparent but that he was of unusually old age. Though I do not remember Silanus as being old, so I therefore have some hope that this is not Silanus, can you confirm this? If it is he I think something untoward is at work. If it is not then I find it interesting that this individual was in possession of Silanus’ Tractatus. I plan on investigating shortly and will travel as soon as I am able to both the place of his death and the place of his burial.

Magus Tytus Hilarius is my Sodalis and the other Tytalus resident within Infractus Summus Redivivus. He is from the Normandy Tribunal where he lived in a Giant Skull. His Parens is one Servius Tytalus Carnifex – a very unfriendly name. Tytus seems a solid Tytalus, if somewhat overly concerned about just about everything while being contradictorily consistently jovial.

The Summa of which I offer a Commentary is the Power of Change; I do not remember this text during my apprenticeship though the advanced level of the text may have precluded my access.

I intend to visit soon my Parens; I have the small matter of presenting at the next Provencal Tribunal to ensure that my new Covenant is properly founded as well as dealing with the local Quaesitor who has been investigating the activities of me and one of my Sodales. I have been studying the proceedings of the Provencal Tribunal in preparation for this – it has been particularly interesting. If you or the Covenant of my apprenticeship are in possession of any Summa or Tractatus that focus on the Code of Hermes and Wizards’ Marches or Mundane Relations which you could loan me then I would be appreciative; it is an area of the Order of Hermes which I did not cover in any depth during my apprenticeship but which I am now finding exceedingly interesting.

Magus Quintus Sertorius Sulla

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