Thursday, August 24, 2006

Barret Fontana

A friends is planning a new game. This is my initial take on the type of character I want to play. Take a cliche and stick with it I say. Cheers to anyone reading on. Huitzilihuitl.

Barret Fontana

Once I was a cop on the beat, then I made detective, a happy day, but a short-lived joy. I was driven from the force before this new career even got started. What drove me out? A setup, graft, corruption charges I was not guilty of – the Internal Commission Against Corruption came down on me like a fucking ton of bricks. I know I didn’t do the things I was charged with but, most in the force think I’m guilty as sin. Still I have a few friends in uniform, they think I wouldn’t do such things and they help, when they can, never openly, but when they can.

What was I accused of doing? if you don’t know you’re better not knowing.

Who set me up? Someone or some group much higher up, not in the force – higher than that, stratosphere stuff – I don’t know exactly but someone who could have others pull the strings, why me? Shit I don’t know…what did I do? Fuck knows I had just made detective; who would that piss off? Wrong place, wrong time, probably…

I made my name chasing down the weirder crimes of Breland City, they always landed in my lap, the occult, people eaten, bodies turned inside out, weird little boxes or books you were not supposed to read, crap always unasked for that fell squelching and tentacled right into my lap; what a fucking mess.

What do I do now? Work when it comes in, for me now, I am the senior partner, manager, director and investigator of FPI, Fontana Private Investigations. Freelance mostly though sometimes on contract – I know people working the boundaries of the Law – some on one side, some skipping back and forth, many like me walking the line. Shit goes down and the cops are often the last to know. Idiots – am I bitter? Maybe…

When I’m not working you can find me in the Ice Box, playing Jazz on my Saxophone, though I would prefer you didn’t come find me, enough crazy shit seems to find me.

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