Monday, September 11, 2006

The Bandit

This is the concept for my Bandit in Trithemius' upcoming Ars Magica game set in Cyprus.

Domitius Adralestos

Domitius had a privileged upbringing as a Byzantine native of Cyprus, unknowingly conceived during Aphroditic rites and born on a feast to Pan he is an inspirational figure and blessed by Venus and with just a little bit of Pan and Aphrodite's blood coursing through his veins. He has the respect, admiration and aid of Cypriots across the Island as well as social contacts amongst the nobility - thanks to his noble birth. But in equal measure he has the suspicion and dislike of the conquerors to contend with. He uses his contacts and protection to ensure the safety of himself and his band of followers, a ragtag group of fellow dispossessed and wanders including a Failed Greek Orthodox Priest, a Minstrel, a Wilderness Survivalist, Domitius' self-proclaimed bodyguard, an idealistic thief and a run-away stable-boy.

His group though does not just mooch off the locals, where ever he can Domitius uses his intrigue and charm to resolve conflicts within local communities and to foster peace between the conquerors and the conquered - not out of deference to the conquerors but out of fear of the consequences for his people. The Orthodox priest is a capable healer and along with leading the faithful in prayer he brings comfort to the sick. The Minstrel brings Joy to the hearts of those who hear her sing and their animals seem to lay more eggs and have fatter calves after he has passed through, the Wilderness Man provides advice on the coming seasons weather, the thief coin where he can and the body-guard and stable-boy strong backs in any endeavor.

Domitius has heard though of a Magi forming a Covenant in the West of Cyprus and he is heading there to ensure good relations between this new invader and the locals, he also knows of a Mystic in the Area, a women of Aphrodite?, and he has a secret plan to hopefully marry the daughter of one of the conquerors, to subtly reclaim at least a portion of his homeland.

On top of that he has a child to contend with, a daughter from one of his many dalliances.

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