Sunday, September 10, 2006

the University of Al Karaouine

This is my initial concept for the home Covenant of one of characters in an upcoming game. I will probably also include a group of Jewish Magi, basing them on Moshe ben Maimon.

the University of Al Karaouine

The University of Al Karaouine melds the Arcane with the Divine and the Mundane. Mundane scholars teach beside and with members of the Order of Hermes, Rabbi’s, Imam’s and what the Order would term “Hedge Wizards”. Within the University a Covenant of the Order of Hermes functions and is made up of Jerbiton, Bonisagi and apprentices, all with the Gentle Gift. The school provides ample teaching resources, access to a host of scholarship and a network to find apprentices for the Covenant. While the Magi of the Covenant provide their services to the University. This d├ętente is also facilitated by the distance from the borders of the Order of Hermes and a friendly Qaesitor who has never come to visit.

The Covenant is governed by a council of all members of the Covenant, predominantly Islamic scholars but also a few Jewish and nominally religious individuals. The Covenant exists within a Magical Regio buried deep within the Divine Aura which covers the University. A second group of Magicians - Holy Magicians – also exist within the University – the School of Ar-Rahim-Rahman Allah - and the two groups maintain very strong and positive relations, except for the occasional tussle over an Apprentice.

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