Thursday, November 16, 2006

D20 - the first game I will have run in 15 years - the plan is to keep it simple

The Grenteel (Grippli) Game

The players are the Grenteel (the Grippli), good natured tree dwelling Frogs who tend to be Rangers, Druids, Rogues and Bards. They dwell in their Mangrove under the Guidance of their High Priestess Gwid and greatest Warrior Broob. Their role is to help protect their tribe while living happy lives.

The Mangrove

With a dense canopy stretching over deep pools, muddy bogs and slow flowing streams the Mangove is home to the Grenteel. The Mangrove provides all the food necessary for the Grenteel with little effort needed on their part to gather what they need to survive. But the abundance of the Mangrove means constant effort keeping their borders safe.

The surrounding lands

The Grenteel happily live in tall trees within their Mangrove home of Grentush, having long ago driven the Bribanteen from the waters. They now guard the borders and the watery entree-ways into their marshes from most that would enter.

To the east is the Ju-Ju a race in a constant state of low level conflict with the Grenteel. The Grenteel enjoy the taste and health benefits of Ju-Ju eggs - as well as the trade benefits of providing the larvae to others.

To the south-east is an empty Rainforest where the Ju-Ju, Bribanteen and Grenteel often battle.

To the south are the rivers of Bayn, Frunt and Wayn where most of the Bribanteen had been driven by the Grenteel. The Bribanteen occasionally enter the swamp hunting for Grenteel to take back into their rivers but no large force has entered the swamp in memory of the Grenteel.

South-west is open ocean which occasionally swells into the swamp-land bringing with it dangerous creatures but also rare items for trade.

West lay the Ebol, nest dwellers that trade their bright honeycomb with the Grenteel for the larvae of the Ju-Ju. The Ebol have a particular hatred for the Ju-Ju who, when they can, swoop in to capture Ebol to feed to their young.

All across the North West and North is a dry country into which the Grenteel rarely venture but from where the occasional group of Té‑Mäe arrive bearing beautifully coloured rocks and beads which the Grenteel value highly and trade their herbs, medicines and animals to gain.

To the North-East are the terrifying Gribliken, who hunt all the other creatures of the swamp.


  1. yes, i am starting a three or four session game for three Grenteel. If it goes well then I will continue it and add one or two players. Start small and see how it goes is my plan.