Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Hanno Barca: Corsair of the However Many Seas There Are, Aaaaargh!

Even more secure in his abilities Hanno’s confidence is unmatched, daunting to foe, and compelling to friend. He cuts a magnificent and conspicuous figure in his marvelous red silk flared pants and large voluminously sleeved jacket topped by a huge wide-brimmed hat with large white feathers of an unknown but obviously rare bird – all materials embroidered, of course, with fine Jade Dragons. He of wears no shirt, what corsair would! However, he sports a splendidly embroidered red sash crossing from right shoulder to left hip that highlights the rippling muscles on his tanned chest and stomach. He carries a quite magnificent Cutlass and very fine Rapier in scabbards on a brightly buckled fine leather belt - finally spotting you he winks and doffs his large hat in your direction and grins a grin of passion, friendliness and power in equal measure.

Hanno’s background

Born and abandoned in a back alley of the great trading city of Carthagum, Hanno was raised by a combination of his own wits and the less than altruistic hands of swindlers, professional spruikers, thieves, bouncers, bartenders and prostitutes. Hanno likes all manner of action.

Carthagum is a large and prosperous city state where everything is for sale, and everything is available. Combined with this is a total absence of discrimination, so long as you can pay, and all manner of humanoids and goblinoids exist in a semi-peaceful state with a multitude of other races. Hanno can happily exist side by side with anyone.

Amongst this population Hanno spent most of his time in the Carthagum docklands amidst goblins, dwarves and humans learning to talk, fight and think his way into and out of trouble. It was in these alleys that he also found and started to worship the Goddess Volineadiri before joining a Corsair crew bound for the Open Ocean and distant ports. For want of a mentor or father figure Hanno has embraced his religion and is a fanatical follower.

Volineadiri (Neutral Evil) is the Goddess of Drink, Wenching, Song and Death. She is beloved of the Corsairs of Carthagum as she offers guidance for Ocean travelers and those that get in fights, loves the confident and dexterous, is a Goddess for the individual and bloody unpredictable and favours the Cutlass and Rapier. To achieve Divinity Volineadiri has and continues, to cheat death an infinite number of times and looks most beatifically on those who cheat death in the mortal realm – of course this means that when you die and stay dead she has no time for you.

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