Thursday, December 21, 2006

Milosevic Arturo

Milosevic Arturo, Milo to his friends, became a professor at a record young age within the Faculty of Post-Modernity and History at the Chicago University and he quickly claimed the Chair of Postmodernism and the position of Head of Faculty within the Faculty of Post‑Modernity and History. An avid researcher, writer and teacher with an encyclopedic knowledge spanning any discipline or piece of trivia imaginable Milo’s passion is infectious and it continues to win him friends amongst those who have attended his lectures, tutorials and seminars.

Throughout his academic career, Milo has pursued his childhood love of Boxing and he has donated his time to Police and Social Work initiatives with homeless and troubled youth in the city. Providing training and discipline to young men and women through ongoing physical instruction, time in the boxing ring and new skills in boxing, and a modified form of box which he has dubbed street fighting – designed to allow a quick escape from trouble. This has won him respect amongst the Civil service of Chicago and he has support and friends amongst the police and social workers as well as contacts amongst those who live on the streets of Chicago.

Milo’s personal passions became a fine complement to his role amongst the Uratha after his late transformation. Amongst the Uratha he forges his knowledge and understanding of history, humanity and the Uratha into a tool to protect. He provides advice and leadership when the opportunity arises, though subtlety and this often goes unnoticed – though not without effect - amongst the more brutish members of his pack and the wider Uratha.

Milo is proud of his intellect and knowledge and the subtle strength this gives him amongst both humanity and especially the Uratha where raw power is to often the tool of choice - one that often begets more problems than it solves. Milo is not though without fault as he has extensive reserves of wrath for those who would endanger those things he most values.

Milo stands an angular and some would say gaunt 6 foot tall, usually dressed in well worn but still respectable jeans, cool but understated leather shoes and collared though un-tucked shirts, he has brown slightly unkempt hair that is a little bit to long, Milo doesn’t look his age of early 40, more mid-Thirty, like a student that has never left University, but those who know him understand he is no professional student but a respected and capable academic and community member. Those that really know him understand his passion and protectiveness towards the weak of humanity is a shadow of the real and powerful intellectual passion he seeks to wield amongst the packs of the Uratha. When necessary Milo brushes up very well and dresses in formal academic dress; top hat coat and tails or; on the very rare occasion it is necessary, in a funky business suit – usually pinstriped.

Unmarried Milo has had a number of on-again off-again relationships and continues to seek partners amongst the University population of staff and students alike. He maintains friends amongst the faculty, particularly Assoc Professor Jim Brown, with whom he enjoys karaoke. He is particularly close to Gang Specialists the tough Sergeant Fred O’Malley and the inquisitive Lieutenant Anna Scully through his work with homeless and disadvantaged youth on the streets of Chicago. In addition, Sarah and Luke, two teenage street kids and the younger Izzy, are three of the kids he continues to teach and train through the boxing program he is involved in and to whom he has developed a reciprocated attachment.

Assoc Professor James (Jim) Brown

6’2” dark black with a short afro and forever in a lounge suit that is gold, green or red Jim Brown is an Associate Professor of History at Chicago University and pursues his research with the gusto that he pursues undergraduates. He enjoys drinking and singing with his friend since graduate school, Milo.

Their favourite drinking and karaoke venue is the Red-I Lounge. In Chicago’s Chinatown, Red-I is a karaoke and dance club on the second floor above the corner of Wentworth and Cermak and yes, it is red. The entrance -red - is unassuming to say the least (a pair of paper signs are taped to the doors), and once inside, you cannot help but notice the walls -red. After grabbing a drink, there are plenty of couches (very, very red) to sit on and watch the show until the dance floor opens up.

VIP rooms are available for private parties and singers who'd rather not share their talent just yet, and the change is made from karaoke to dance at 10 p.m. Entry is free during karaoke hours - expect to hear karaoke-favourites like "Tainted Love” and “Here Comes The Sun"; later on you might have to pony up $5. On Saturdays 272 Entertainment steps in to handle the music, a fact that matters if you are into beats. If you are running low on cash, bring a college ID (plus your real one) and get yourself a 10 percent discount.

Sergeant Fred (Mal) O’Malley and Lieutenant Anna Scully

Inquisitive and questioning the stocky and muscular 5’5” O’Malley is the red haired and ruddy muscle in the Scully O’Malley team. As good with a shotgun as with monstering those on the wrong side of the law O’Malley takes his work trying to curb the power of gangs on the streets of Chicago through both traditional policing and positive community action very seriously and sees Milo as an ally in this.

The investigative and inquisitive mind that drives the duo Scully is as intelligent as she is quick witted and will follow a lead on the streets with the obsessive determination and guts of a veteran police officer, despite her short time out of the academy. Scully has a six sense for danger and though reluctant to shoot, she is not afraid to pull her pistol at a sign of trouble on the streets. She is close to Milo seeing his work as a positive step in making the streets of Chicago a better place.

Milo, Mal and Anna like to eat and chat at the Stock Yard Truck Stop. Lit by a larger-than-life neon sign this 24-hour diner has been around for as long as anyone can remember. The Jammin' Oldies radio station is always on and the Truckstop Burger -- topped with two strips of bacon -- is what keeps the truckers coming back. As a special bonus, there is a free telephone at every table.

Sarah, Luke and Izzy

This trio of street kids sticks together for protection and takes part in the community action group as a way to learn some survival skills on the streets. Led by the 17-year-old Sarah they enjoy their classes with Milo and have taken a shine to him, they all often meet at El Taco Loco for a Taco or Kevin's Hamburger Heaven for Kevin’s Super Heavenly Special. Sarah is small, dark and feisty, Luke has a temper that he can largely keep under control and Izzy cannot get enough music in his life.

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