Thursday, January 11, 2007

Barstuvia, the little step-Sister of Barstuvius the Mighty

After killing, her way across the seven continents of Hysteria in the service of the great, wise and good Luvya Tree Barstuvia has found herself amongst a band in a tunnel. Having much experience in war, including fighting in the Jungles of Bongo, maiming in the Mountains of Wackystan and peacekeeping in the Streets of Handybag - Barstuvia was unfortunately, and to soon in her young and beautiful life of slaughtering baddies and stealing their stuff, beheaded by a band of Mimists who hated the Great Santa because he though they were bad. Unfortunately she has not killed enough bad people to have her soul rest in pieces, I mean peace, and the Great and All Powerful passed her through his own body – what an honour she thinks (inject sarcasm) - before spitting her - coated in Celestial goop- into the Labyrinth to kill more bad stuff while saving some potion or vial of life. Saving the vial of life sounds like a good idea when you are dead, though she hates it when her God pushes her around, or pushes her through his body to Celestialise her, yucko.

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