Monday, March 05, 2007

The Good ol’boy Johnny Smash

A Good ol’boy Johnny played banjo in the Roadhouse Smash, he always wanted to sing but never could, he also wanted to front the band, Johnny’s Roadhouse Smash, but was just to mean lookin, way to mean lookin, not ugly, just mean lookin, and couldn’t sing. All he could really do was play a mean, very mean, banjo, or fix it or anything really. After a few tours from Queanbeyan to the Gippsland and back again with the Roadhouse Smash but no record deal, the quartet decided that Johnny’s mean looks, nasty fists and quick six-shooter had gotten them out of scrapes but kept them from getting into Hicks with Sticks. They had assumed the reverse would be the case, the singer learnt banjo and the quartet became a three piece. The other three are Johnny’s brothers Billy, Bobby and little Bubba Smash. Johnny still has his electric Banjo and amplifier, but not much cash and is lookin for a job, any job, preferably one that uses his numerous talents. Billy, Bobby and little Bubba, Johnny doesn't like them much, nor does he like listening to anything from the number one country album, Hittin Hard, the Roadhouse Smash.

Academics: 1, book learnin, reading, schoolin? Guitars an guns is where it’s at.

Athletics: 3, punchin, kickin, Cussin and when really annoyed shootin.

Technology: 4, can fix anything, make anything find anything, especially good stuff.

Contact: 1, mean lookin, to mean lookin to be contactin people other than with his fists of the heavy end of his Banjo.

Talent: Performing in Dodgey Locations

This character was created for a session of Inspectres.

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