Friday, April 13, 2007


Eleutherios represents the heart beast that Vendaley failed to find in his failed initiation into the mysteries of the House of his training. Eleutherios is though also a survivor of the Cult of Dionysus and he wishes to rebuild the Cult.

Eleutherios and the Cult he represents had, before their destruction in the Late Republic of Rome, been filled mainly by Gifted or Magical individuals of Italian and Roman origin who worshipped Dionysus for the strengths that he gave them.

Through his powers, Eleutherios has identified a weakness in Vendaley’s ability to cast spells spontaneously and Eleutherios can set Vendaley on the path to self-release if he can be convinced to free himself from his own restraints and embrace the wilds of Dionysus.

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