Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Next Session - First Draft

Having narrowly escaped the wolves Vandaley lies horribly injured, Tanit can perform some magic to ease his suffering but should he attempt to travel at any pace his condition will likely worsen. El Viajero and Jihad are not enough to carry Vandaley. Should Tanit continue casting spells upon him, despite her apparent skill, the likelihood of magic going horribly awry, sending Vandaley into twilight or worse, could increase every day spells are cast.

The travelers have two choices; continue slowly across the land towards Toledo and their Covenant, wolves possibly at their heels again. Or attempt to find a refuge on the road to Toledo, from where they can send a message to their future home - or at least seek assistance – though Tanit’s Blatant Gift, and both Vandaley and el Viajero’s own Gift will make this difficult, as will the runaway slave state of Jihad.


  • Vandaley, horribly maimed, played by L. Steve
  • el Viajero played by Steve X

NPCs for this session:

  • Jihad, nice kid but scrawny, non-Magi think he is shifty, people who recognise his description will know he is an escaped slave, played by Bela
  • Magpie, devoted to Jihad, likes Magi, is he a God of Birds amongst men? Played by Bela and L. Steve.

Potential other NPCs that may be encountered:

  • Walchelin, already helped el Viajero, though it is a bit hazy for el Viajero, a nice guy and member of the Order of Hermes. Always ready to help
  • Euphêmía, Walchelin’s friend, very hot stuff and a very friendly Faerie, Walchelin’s friend
  • Yusuf, a shepherd hunting wolves; some wolves killed his sheep and goats, he is wants to know what happened and is relentless in his pursuit
  • Muhammad, a merchant traveling; blunt, suspicious but unerringly honourable Muhammad knows his way around Iberia

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