Friday, April 13, 2007

Sus scrofa

Description and Personality

Sus scrofa is a huge Boarman, at 6'5" and with bulging muscles, an ugly countenance and bristling hair he looks built for war. Arrogant in his belief in himself but cowardly in the face of danger Sus is a survivor with one driving agenda, achieving what he wants and, generally, when the going gets tough Sus tries to get going as dieing doesn't interest him much. Unfortunately, he is duty bound to the Guild Dean and now Viriathus and cannot seem to escape the coming war.

The Scene for Sus

Sus does not know why he is here and he is feeling very lost. The last thing he remembers is leaving the Market after gaining a favour from Viriathus who the Guild Dean has now pressed into service for the Great War against the invaders. Sus had believed himself on his way to this war when he turned up here. Still opportunity presents itself, a human and some kind of Leopard to speak with and he doesn’t really want to be involved in the war if he can help it; he may get killed and he is far to important for that. Hopefully the Leopard does not want to eat him.

Sadly Sus scrofa was consumed by one of the PCs an NPC figment of his imagination and a follower of Dionysus.

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