Thursday, May 03, 2007

Ars Magica Session

Hi All,

See below for the introduction to tonight's session, if you cannot make it let me know as I have a second option vaguely prepared. Start time is 7:30, arrival from 7pm onwards as I have a few more things to prepare before the game.

I am still slowly recovering from Wintercon, all those intense sessions really took it out of me.

See everyone tonight, hopefully we can now get back into regular fortnightly sessions. L. Steve, bring a blank disk and I will burn Spirit of the Century for you so you can start running it for us :-)



The Journey of Vandelay and el Viajero

Having lost Viriathus and narrowly escaping wolves Vandaley lies injured, Tanit can perform some magic to ease his suffering but should he attempted to travel at any pace his condition will likely worsen – in the wilds this will likely lead to death.

El Viajero and Jihad are not enough to carry Vandaley. Should Tanit continue casting spells upon him, despite her apparent skill, the likelihood of magic going awry, sending Vandaley into twilight or worse would increase every day that she casts spells.

The travelers have choices; including continuing slowly across the land towards Toledo and their Covenant, wolves possibly at their heels. Or attempt to find a refuge on the road to Toledo, from where they can send a message to their future home - or at least seek assistance – though Tanit’s Blatant Gift, and both Vandaley and el Viajero’s own Gift will make this difficult, as will the runaway slave state of Jihad.

This session is about making sure Vandaley does not die in the woods. If we can get him to his new home that would be good, or just getting to safety.

There are several NPCs, read up on all of them because depending on how the game goes different people will be playing different characters at different times. Both Bela and L. Steve will play Magpie at the same time, we should sort out how this is going to work before the session begins.


  • Vandaley lies injured after helping drive off the attacking wolves; he wandered into the dark woods alone looking for firewood, owes a debt to a Fae and has several pawns of Vis in his possession - played by L. Steve
  • El Viajero, helped push Viriathus into being abducted by the Fae, or fulfil a debt, interested in the Fae realm and has a pawn of Vis - played by Steve X

NPCs for this session:

  • Jihad, nice kid but scrawny, non-Magi think he is shifty, people who recognise his description will know he is an escaped slave. He is currently the travelers guide - played by Bela.
  • Magpie, devoted to Jihad, likes Magi, is he a God of Birds amongst men. He is the devoted friend of Jihad; the two are inseparable - Played by Bela and L. Steve.
  • Tanit fillia Ashtart Ex Miscellanea – rumors of human sacrifice area associated with her and she terrifies normal people. The travelers have seen her blast trees into fire, open wounds on attacking wolves and temporarily heal one of Vandelay’s lesser wounds - played by the story-guide.

Potential other NPCs to be played:

  • Walchelin already helped el Viajero, though it is a bit hazy for el Viajero; Walchelin is a really nice and helpful guy and member of the Order of Hermes. Always ready to help – for a full write-up go here.
  • Euphêmía, Walchelin’s Fae and closest friend, she is very hot stuff and a very friendly Faerie.
  • Killer Wolves, always ready to kill and smart about it.
  • Dancing water Faeries, they like to dance on rivers, meet new people, lure them into rivers, very beautiful and sing wonderfully
  • Yusuf, a shepherd hunting wolves; some wolves killed his sheep and goats, he is wants to know what happened and is relentless in his pursuit.
  • Muhammad, a merchant traveling; blunt, suspicious but unerringly honorable Muhammad knows his way around Iberia

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