Saturday, May 12, 2007

Luna's Favoured

Doug Rogers (Luna's Favoured), Blood Talons Elodoth and Lodge of the Feast member


Your family farm had been failing for quite a while. Dad was looking more and more tired everyday with the taxman dogging him, debt collectors on his tail, stress you know killed your mother and it was only a matter of time before your father finally died, though the trauma of finding him fallen under his tractor on the banks of Roger’s Creek was almost to much to bare. Then your wife, now ex, took the kids and vanished, you had only been married two years to your child-hood sweetheart. All through this, you kept working the land, looking after the animals, diligently maintaining the farm. Considering how well liked your family was amongst the local Tassie farmers the community was not there at the final stroke of the pen and the loss of the farm, nor the arrival and last herding of your stock. All through this the world had seemed to become more and more distorted for you and you fought harder and harder to maintain your purpose and the high standards your father and mother had drilled into you to do the right thing, to work hard, to help others. Nevertheless, you finally lost it, you do not remember the final moments of your transformation but only two people were there for you when it ended, helped you through the aftermath, and set you on your current path. Coming too under Night Howlers tender hands and the steady gaze of Wombat amidst the blood and guts of your farm animals and the remains of the men sent to take them away. Wombat and Night Howler took you back to the Johnson farm, fixed you a hearty meal, the first people to look after you since everything began. With their help, and that of Bane Easter, the police investigations turned up nothing linking you to the disappearance of your stock, a truck or two men and they set you on your path of consuming human flesh, initiated you into the Lodge. You ended up working on the Johnson farm for Wombat, and living your packs life ever since, you work hard at both, trust Wombat and look to Night Howler for re-assurance that you are all on the right track.

Now Wombat has plans to claim the “Klaive that Drinks”. It is obvious that the pack needs it to strengthen itself and the Lodge.


*Ensure the pack obtains the Klaive, Wombat thinks it is important and he has not been wrong yet. Wombat has explained a bit about it, it is a fetish inhabited by a powerful hunger-spirit and that it will strengthen the pack and the Lodge.

*Work hard and honestly, in service to the Pack and Lodge and do what is necessary for their strength. Central to this is ensuring the Pack achieves their objectives and you will follow Wombat’s lead in this – look to Night Howler if any niggling doubts should surface.

*Support Wombat and Night Howler in their efforts to recruit for the Lodge, anyone struggling but in that struggle demonstrating persistence, bring them to the attention of Night Howler or Wombat.

Personality and Pack-mates:

You work hard and act with honour, are genuinely nice to people, especially those who appear to be suffering and struggling under strain, you empathise with them, you have been through such struggles too and Wombat and Night Howler got you through it; they can get anyone through such struggles if they are allowed.

You are not nearly the best and brightest, but you are self-aware enough to recognise this and in your association with Wombat and Night Howler see that they have enough brains and drive for all of you.

Strike’s the Heel will be a fine pack-member when he takes his final step. You are loyal to Bane Eater as a pack mate and out of respect for Wombat and Night Howler but find his perception of eating Human flesh, and his arrogance about it, taints your own consumption and makes you feel uncomfortable about each and every feast.

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