Saturday, May 12, 2007

Night Howler

Sheila Cochrane-Johnson (Night Howler), Hunters in Darkness Cahalith and Lodge of the Feast member


A daughter of the Cochrane family, descendants of the Tasmanian indigenous community, you were born as the result of Wombat’s father’s extra-marital affair with your mother. You know this, Wombat knows this and you don’t care, though your are smart enough not to let this one slip amongst the Uratha, nor that you two are really married and totally in love, eating humans and engaging in illicit relations between Uratha may just be too much for many amongst the Foresaken to bare.

You are utterly devoted to your man Wombat; he rescued you from the wilds where you had fled after your family turned you out as you first began to go through your transformation. With declarations of Mokoi - an evil spirit who consumes the magic of the land – your family abandoned you to foster care, this care lasted less than a week as you ran into the bush, a comfort second only to your lost family.

You went through your transformation alone except for the spirits of the land and it was in these wilds that Ravening Wolf, the patron spirit of the Lodge of the Feast, found you, alerted by your dark night howls. He guided Wombat to your side, so that when you regained your senses Wombat gathered you up into his arms and took you back to his farm, formed a pack, initiated you into the Lodge and you have not looked back since.

Now Wombat has plans to claim the “Klaive that Drinks”. It is obvious that the pack needs it to strengthen itself and the Lodge.


*Ensure the pack obtains the Klaive, Wombat thinks it is important and you will follow him anywhere he leads. Wombat has explained a bit about it, it is a fetish inhabited by a powerful hunger-spirit and that it will strengthen the pack and the Lodge.

*To support the members of the pack, they are your husband, brother and child, you will do anything to strengthen, defend and support them.

*Recruit members into the Lodge, you have been gifted with the skills and attributes to work a crowd, insinuate yourself into any social situation, charm all but the hardened of individuals, or when it comes down to it support your pack-mates in the toughest of combat; you will use all these in the service of your Lodge and Pack.

Personality and Pack-mates:

Wombat is the centre of your world and the pack, including you, revolves around him. You are sincere in your efforts to look after each of your pack-mates, how Wombat sees each of them is how you see them. You are equally sincere in your engagement with other Foresaken and Uratha if Wombat is befriending them so too are you, if he is beating on them you help how-ever you can, if he wants to recruit for the Lodge you are there too.

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