Monday, July 09, 2007

Draft for the next Ars Magica session

The next Ars Magica session will be on Sicily.

The arrival of the boat, minus two passengers has the crew, captain and other passengers eager to spread the word on what they saw, or what they think they saw. Missoire Tales is still terrified, knowing the truth about what happened, but eager to share not should he attract unwanted attention with his words. Captain Babak thinks he knows what happened and is eager to tell the wealthy Merchant Arnaldo Vandaley that the passenger who disappeared from Babak’s ship was seeking him - Missoire has shared a little with Babak but is starting to regret even that now that he is accompanying him to seek out Vandelay. Athamus, Drakon and Kadmos are out of a job and looking for work, concerned that their last employers may seek recompense for the death of their charge, Eris.

Coming ashore separately will be Akos, fleeing the ship after the murder of his fellow passenger he has followed the boat to Sicily and into the harbour, he still has a mission to complete, kill Arnaldo Vandaley.

Once ruled by the Norman Hauteville Dynasty the south German Hohenstaufen Dynasty has ruled Sicily since 1194, Frederick II currently holds the title of King of Sicily.

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