Friday, July 20, 2007

NPC objectives


A once great assassin, Muhammad is now near death. He is not famous and never wants to be, he believes that the best assassins are not famous and do not wish to be.

He his quite a nice man, having sated much of his avarice through his life he remains very unwilling to part with what he has, other than to meet any mission objectives and enjoys socializing, particularly with poets, bards and singers.

Muhammad will not kill outside mission objectives, other than to preserve his life.

Session Objectives:

Personal: Muhammad is dieing and seeking a student to whom he can impart as much know as he can in his dieing days. He hopes that the young assassin Celeste has sent him to find and bring to Spain can be that student.

From Celeste: Find Akros and pass the note from Celeste bearing her seal, which Akros will recognise, halting his mission to kill the Vandelay family head and instead travel to Spain as soon as possible.

Muhammad has enough money to be comfortable in Spain and book passage for both himself and Akros to Spain.


Missoire Tales

The Bard is still looking for steady work, He wants to wrap up business in Sicily as soon as possible and encourage Babak to depart for Spain.

Missoire is also hesitant to involve himself further in the events on the ship; after all, it was he who swapped the wine glass to the obviously wealthy and well-connected Lady.

Session Objectives:

Find a job where he can sing, perform, compose and entertain while living comfortably.

Get off Sicily without embroiling himself in any more murders

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