Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Evil Destiny Prologue

This is the next session for Ars Magica and will lead into two more sessions. This and the second will centre on Sa`id al-Muhibb. The third will combine Sa`id and Akros, hopefully one doesn't take a dislike to the other and murder him.

If you are not playing the PC have a look at the NPCs - including reading the character sheets! - look at their virtues, flaws and personality traits and have a think about who you would like to play.

Sa`id al-Muhibb

The PC of the story

Felix, one of the two senior Magi of the Covenant has requested that you lead a group east to meet Muhammad, an old man you have not met but seen at the Covenant and know of, and a man named Akros. You are to accompany them back to the Covenant. You are to assist Adolfo, a member of the Covenant you have only now met, in any way you can during this trip. Imam Salman is accompanying you because he has told you he wants some fresh warm air and would like to see the coast.

You have a number of weeks to reach the coast and those that you are meeting should be awaiting you in a guest house. Expect frequent stops in towns along the way as Adolfo goes about his business.

The NPCs:

Imam Salman abu Janeeta (Safe father of a Gift of God)

The Humourous but deeply Pious religious man.

Salman is deeply religious, adhering to the pillars of Islam. But he is neither dogmatic nor narrow in his view on religion. In the greatest traditions of Islam he views the Word of Allah as complex and open to discussion and argument amongst the Ummah. He will engage in debate, though always in a good natured fashion, to educate, not diminish, embarrass or provoke, he will joke and use his masterfully wry humour to put others at ease.

Salman’s role is to see to the welfare of those who live and work within the Covenant of Summa Tutela. He has been an associate of both Felix and Celestine, though not close to them, he sees his role as ensuring the safety and security of members of Islam as they fall under the rule of the invaders.

When not taking care of the people of the Covenant Salman has begun careful study of the Infernal, finding books in the library of the Covenant he has began what he terms: “preparatory preventative study”.

The Pillars of Islam

The Five Pillars of Islam (Arabic: أركان الإسلام) is the term given to the five duties incumbent on every Muslim. These duties are Shahadah (profession of faith), Salah (ritual prayer), Zakah (alms tax), Sawm (fasting during Ramadan), and Hajj (pilgrimage to Mecca).

Your objectives:

Get to know Sa`id al-Muhibb, he has only just joined the Covenant, recruited by Celestine.

Fulfill your duty to look to the welfare of all those who belong to the Covenant, at the moment this means getting a better understanding of the Infernal, particularly Demons.

Adolfo Eloy

The political can do man of the Covenant

Adolfo was raised within the confines of a Covenant on the northern Spanish coast of the Mediterranean. You are devoted to the magi and to doing your best to building political alliances with all those you meet. Unfortunately all your experience so far has been within the sphere of the Order of Hermes, this will be your first chance to explore the wider world and build some connections for the Covenant on the path to the east coast. Especially in the port city where you are to find an old man known as Muhammad who will be accompanying a much younger Slavic man. You will then bring them back to the Covenant.

Your objectives:

Make contacts for the Covenant on the way to the East Coast.

Fulfill your duty to look to the welfare of all those who belong to the Covenant by finding Muhammad and the Slavic young man.

Teamster Miguel

The man with the horses and mules.

You are loyal to the animals of the Covenant, they are the only ones that you like, and the only ones that for some reason seem to like you. You are so good at your job that everyone else tolerates your morose temperament and you tolerate everyone else, so long as no one mistreats the animals! You cannot abide any form of animal cruelty.

Your objectives:

Keep the animals happy and comfortable on the trip to the east and back.

Seek calculated vengeance on anyone mistreating the animals of the Covenant.

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