Friday, October 19, 2007


Morning Flame, I have a story about the Foresaken of Canberra starting to do something they should have been doing for a while now. It is about the opening battle for our fight for Tuggeranong. This is how it goes…

Canberra’s packs stood tall on the night of the Crescent Moon, against the Izidakh of Gurim-Ur in Tuggeranong.

Of the Jyndabine Road Warriors that entered the fray: the Killing Moon of the Suthar Anzuth – Raff, known as Guts‑Lie‑On‑Ground - led the packs; the Gibbous Moon of the Iminir – Dave, known as Burrows‑Through‑Flesh - blazed with rifle. The Crescent Moon of the Hirfathra Hissu - Speaker‑to‑the‑Winds - gunned down the enemy; the Full Moon’s Meninna – Sam, known as Mighty‑Bound - leapt upon the foe and; the Thihirtha Numea – Evan - killed the Pure. All took to the field of battle to win renown.

Of the Mercury Wolves, their Suthar Anzuth: the Gibbous Moon – William known as Dances‑with‑Gauru - stood his ground and; the Half‑Moon – Danny known as Flies‑off‑the‑Handle - charged into battle; both came at the call to arms, to honour their brothers of the Suthar Anzuth.

And, from the Pack With No Name, whose territory they fought for: the Suthar Anzuth’s New Moon – Ryan known as Luna’s‑Defender - who Rages for the Moon; led the way under darkness into the territory of Gurim‑Ur’s Izidakh.

Showing cunning Guts‑Lie‑On‑Ground devised a plan to lure the Izidakh into the streets; positioning his pack‑mates to rain gunfire onto the poisoned enemy, he gave out his orders.

Paying respect to each auspice, Dances‑with‑Gauru suggested their brother Suthar Anzuth of the New Moon, enter the battle stealthily to understand the lay of the land, and the designs of those they had come to attack.

Then, the Alpha of the Road Warriors ordered the Foresaken to battle, and took the Suthar Anzuth into the streets of Tuggeranong to draw out the foe.

Luna’s-Defender, under the cloak of darkness, led the way – Guts‑Lie‑On‑Ground and Flies‑Off‑the‑Handle crossed the burnt territory behind him; Dances‑with‑Gauru and Mighty-Bound guarded the street watching for ambush. Burrows‑Through‑Flesh, Speaker‑to‑the‑Winds and Thihirtha Numea took out their Arms to take the measure of the distance they had to cover.

Luna’s‑Defender spied the inside of the building they targeted, seven adversaries he counted before he entered. Once inside the insult to Luna provoked his rage, Luna’s Fury consumed him, and the battle was joined. The plan disrupted, the Suthar Anzuth charged, and Mighty‑Bound leapt the street while the Road Warriors waited patiently with their guns.

Inside the building Guts‑Lie‑On‑Ground, Flies‑Off‑the‑Handle and Luna’s-Defender were consumed by the Full Moon; faced with Luna’s Rage the Izidakh too entered their war forms and fought. Flies‑Off‑the‑Handle fled the battle at a poisoned bite, Mighty-Bound landed amidst the fight, coming through the window after Guts‑Lie‑On‑Ground threw a diseased Uratha into the street. Luna’s‑Defender dueled in Gauru whilst Dances‑with‑Gauru held the doorway in Dahlu. And, as the first body crashed into the street, Burrows‑Through‑Flesh, Speaker‑to‑the‑Winds and the Thihirtha Numea showered bullets into the first of the People landing below them.

Inside Luna’s‑Defender fought on, dueling the Izidakh who insulted the Moon. Guts‑Lie‑On‑Ground, consumed by the Killing Moon, hurled two more of the poison Uratha into the street, where Burrows‑Through‑Flesh, Speaker‑to‑the‑Winds and the Thihirtha Numea continued to fire. Mighty‑Bound fled, after a bite, and Dances‑with‑Gauru alone held the door against Izidakh outside and inside - landing blows and ducking attacks.

Guts‑Lie‑On‑Ground grappled one of the enemy; gripping him to use as a club to force another into the street. Luna’s‑Defender struck again at his enemy who refused to fall. Outside none of those thrown into the street by Guts‑Lie‑On‑Ground could win past Dances‑with‑Gauru as he fought four of the poisoned Gauru at once. And, the firepower of the Jyndabine Road Warriors continued to fall on the People in the street.

Finally, the Izidakh outside, now joined by their Alpha, charged the door. Dances‑with‑Gauru ceased to dance, and letting Luna take him grappled the Alpha to the ground. The room almost empty, Luna’s‑Defender finally bested his enemy - a shot through the window taking the head from that Izidakh’s shoulders. Guts‑Lie‑On‑Ground tore through brick and mortar to fell the Uratha held by Dances‑with‑Gauru. The last of the Izidakh fled.

The Suthar Anzuth had led the Road Warriors, Mercury Wolves and Pack With No Name to victory over the children of Gurim-Ur in this battle for Tuggeranong.

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