Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Harpy Duties

To the Court of the Lord Prince Emir Raoul,

News has reached me that our Prince is being “hassled” by a member of the Court for his status to be shifted. Cardinal Valeron Mayne Belotto, as an Elder you should know better! to be going directly to the Prince when we have a Seneschal, a Herald, a Keeper of Elysium, and for matters of status, a Prince’s Harpy, all position holders within the city with whom you may consult, how will our neonates learn, you can but be Recognised within the Court of Canberra until you demonstrate a greater understanding of Court etiquette.

Now fortunately the Prisci appear less weak. What a boon.

Clive, Mekhet neonate, has demonstrated strong and capable service to the Court in his position of assistant-Sheriff - in the absence of the Sheriff whoever he is - and pursued his position with diligence. It is interesting, that while some pursue status, others actually do things that deserve status. Clive is Valued within the Court of Canberra.

I must Recognise Alexander Lyons, Daeva Priscus of the Invictus.

Sundown, Nosferatu Neonate, he too has demonstrated ability beyond his years, willingly stepping into the breach to hold the role of Herald; eyes are upon you for your service to the Court.

Tarlach Doherty
Harpy to the Lord Prince Emir Raoul


I use Tarlach’s three points this month:

– strippie strippie on the Cardinal taking him from Valued (3) to Recognised (2).

"We all know who the Cardinal is! but going straight to the Prince to be raised in status above the Prince and be way above all the members of the Priscus council – genius!"

– Clive gets status added to him for his diligent pursuit of his duties without fear or favour. Moving him from Recognised (2) to Valued (3)

"Thanks to Clive we know that the Sheriff position will actually go on the hunt for criminals within the Court."

– Alexander Lyons apparently becomes Recognisable amongst us, know who he is as he goes from somebody hanging out at Court that the Prince’s knows to someone apparently we all should Recognise because the Prince says so. Alexander Lyons goes from Acknowledged (1) to Recognised (2)

"Yeah I know Alexander Lyon he hangs out at Court all the time - whatus he do? I dunno, hangs out near the Prince."

See everyone at the game

Andrew Galan

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