Wednesday, June 11, 2008

On the destruction of Corsta Micila

To the Court of Lord Prince James Winton,

Word has reached me that rumours continue regarding the destruction of Corsta Micila and that vendetta is being planned.

So that all are clear in their understanding of the reasons for Corsta’s destruction I will spell them out for you.

The ventrue Corsta Micila was found guilty of planning the destruction of fellow ventrue Blessed Brother Hawkins, more widely known as Blessed Be.

Initially the Corsta had planned the destruction of a member of the Invictus; in his own words he viewed them as “to powerful”.

He brought his plan to the daeva Ambia Pentalpha, who dissuaded him from attacking the Invictus, instead directing him to attack a member of the Lancea Sanctum, Blessed Be, Corsta’s fellow ventrue.

The then Sheriff Tekla Asshai was privy to this planning, Ambia and Corsta had hoped to co-opt him, instead he, Tekla, brought the planning to me Tarlach Doherty, his senior within the Court hierarchy, I took this information to the Seneschal who asked me to further investigate with the Sheriff, and we did so.

The planning was confirmed from the very mouths of both Ambia Pentalpha and Corsta Micila; both were intent on the destruction of Blessed Be and had asked the Sheriff Tekla to conduct surveillance on Blessed Be so that they could extinguish Blessed Be’s existence. The Sheriff of course was not conducting any such surveillance; instead, between him and me we had been confirming the planning of these two – Ambia and Corsta – to destroy Blessed Be.

Corsta, for his crimes, which would have led to the collapse of the peace of the Court of Canberra and the destruction of many kindred, was found guilty and his destruction ordered by the Seneschal, I and the Harpy Vincenzo Sangiovanni under the supervision of the Sheriff ended Corsta’s requiem.

I am as yet unaware of the punishment meted out to Ambia Pentalpha; I follow the word of my Prince and those he nominates as speaking for him.

Tarlach Doherty
Priscus of the Mekhet of Canberra
The Keeper of Elysium for the Court of Lord Prince James Winton
(Mekhet: 3)
(Canberra 2)

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