Wednesday, June 11, 2008

ST Vampire Application

Evening All,

Below I flesh out the words I posted a while back on my application for Vampire ST. If you have not voted please vote - if you have already voted and you now wish to change your vote you still can. :-)

Vampire ST application

The focus of my storytelling of Vampire will be ensuring a smooth flow for the game while introducing concept driven and beneficial plot. This includes balancing the elements of Court with the pursuit of plot by having multiple storytellers. I will not be deviating from the current Canberra environment, rather working with and developing what we have.

Concept driven plot will focus on stories that revolve around ideas rather than a particular creature, enemy or storyteller planned outcome. This means plots will be complex but have avenues for resolution that are open to any character in the game, rather than fixed and relying on some critical combination to be achieved before success can be realised. Additionally, those who pursue plot will benefit.

I will also work with those players who have characters which are position holders to help develop the game. Using them where they are willing to bring events in the city into the Court. Again, those who are willing to have their character take part will be rewarded.

To this end I will have two or three permanent assistants. While one ST will remain in Court at all times to ensure the game progresses there. The other STs will be available to provide consistent Storytelling to those players who wish to partake in plot, or complete a scene, while providing consistent game reporting to me. So far Steve Doyle and Mitch Hatherley have agreed, I have also asked a third player (but have not heard back yet).

As ST I will concentrate on providing downtime responses, as well as ensuring a timely turn around on approval applications (I know of one Bloodline application that has been waiting a year for approval while others have had multiple Bloodlines approved within that time, that is shit; I will aim for consistency and timeliness in responses). This will include a heavy focus on remaining faithful to Canon. Developing plot will also be my primary activity.

Assistant STs will focus on sheet maintenance and the development of plot scenes. Their game reports will be critical in providing consistent input into the progress and ramifications of character actions. They will also be developing plot. I envision assistant STs as our future STs so they will have a high degree of freedom on the night, regular meetings pre and post session, where we discuss low approvals, along with game reports will be used to ensure coordination and consistency.

I will consult with other STs in Australia, this includes the Vampire GST, our Domain ST and other Vampire STs to see what I can draw from them that will benefit the Canberra game, I want the Canberra game to have the feel of being part of the Australia Vampire game but with the focus remaining on Canberra.

The Paperwork and Research:

I have completed my Storyteller Certificate. I consider the Storyteller Certificate important to complete prior to running any sessions as it helps in understanding your own approach to gaming, as well as making you think about what others want from the Camarilla.

I have also sought advice from other Storytellers running Vampire games. Particularly the last Sydney ST Hayden.

Conflicts of interest:

Neither I nor my assistant STs will play characters in Canberra. I will move my character to the independent Domain. This will remove any conflict of interest I will also not be playing Werewolf, Changeling or Mage which will give me loads of free time to concentrate on Vampire. I also have permission for my assistants to move their characters to the independent Domain if they wish.

My Background:

I have always run player focused games, starting in the distant ages of 1986 with Hunter Planet, through the dark ages of Dungeons and Dragons to Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, finally to Ars Magica, a troupe driven Storytelling game.

If you have any questions post away.

Cheers All,

Andrew Galan

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