Wednesday, July 16, 2008

OOC background writings

It was midway through the final decade of the Coldwar. The Soviets still battled the Mujahidin in Afghanistan, the Muj still heroes in the West. The Sandanistas were midway through their own little totalitarian declaration of a State of emergency in Nicaragua, and Tarlach was busy, making money, accumulating favours and generating influence hand over fist. Much of this work had been done for Tenix Pty Limited based in Australia. Tarlach had found that it was useful to have one of his home bases in Adelaide; he used this to source equipment, and manage the movement of able bodies which he was then accumulating through his work in Afghanistan and Central America.

It was while buried deep in his acquisitions and slaving that Tarlach came across Marlin, one of Tenix’ diligent workers providing for his wife and two children, including youngest daughter – his namesake - Marlie. The major international technology company Tenix had been looking for proxies to enable easy and deniable sale and passage of their systems into Afghanistan and Central America – Tarlach had been happy to oblige, though under an entirely different identity. Marlin was assigned as Tarlach’s driver and bodyguard, a courtesy they extended to all their contractors; a favour that kept a close eye on their proxy, reporting back to Tenix’ Intelligence and Security Unit in Head Office. Tarlach was well aware of Tenix’ practice and decided to test the skills of his watcher. While pursuing this test Tarlach had turned down an offer from Tenix competitor BAE Systems Australia who had been targeting Tenix’s employees and contractors for recruitment, blackmail and assassination. Marlin and Tarlach ended up driving straight into a BAE ambush. In the ensuing firefight Tarlach and Marlin disposed of a good number of their attackers, but Tarlach reveled himself for the supernatural being that he was, to both Marlin and the BAE hit squad. Needing assistance in tracking down and disposing of the assailants Tarlach turned to the one potential individual he could maybe trust. He offered unending life, this offer was accepted, Tarlach turned Marlin in a ghoul. Marlin then used his contacts within Tenix, along with Tarlach’s own Tenix, criminal and police connections, to track down and destroy those who could breach the masquerade by reporting what they had witnessed.

The two then worked as a team for several years, Tarlach and Marlin’s activities funding the education and upbringing of Marlin’s children. Tarlach took a particular interest in the intelligent and resourceful Marlie. She at first became known to him through her father’s complaints about her behaviour; and his admiration at her resourcefulness. As her father was drawn deeper into the Masquerade, and his bond to Tarlach deepened, Tarlach directed more and more of Marlie’s upbringing, subtlety influencing her experiences and individuality. Tarlach kept to the shadows for much of Marlie’s early life. Using his telepathy he would make suggestions within her young and malleable mind, the decisions and reactions still hers, but he would nudge, explain and whisper from the darkness. This opportunity to bring up potential kindred from early age was too much for Tarlach to give up. He Blood-bonded and ghouled her grandfather, so that he did not decease to quickly. Tarlach then worked the mind of the young Marlie through both male figures. Especially leveraging Marlin’s own deep-seated disappointment that Marlie was not a son. Through her grandfather and father Tarlach strengthened her individuality and capacity for solitary resourcefulness, while working on her paranoia, especially regarding threats to herself. Eventually Tarlach forced her Grandfather to move, severing the important bond she had developed and isolating her emotionally. At this time Tarlach introduced himself into the family through Marlin, and became a family friend and subtle mentor to the independently minded Marlie – to whom, through Tarlach’s telepathy, she held a recognition and trust. Eventually, after years of semi-regular interaction Tarlach offered the embrace to Marlie, and with the urging of her father she accepted. Tarlach built his childer from the ground up, at 23 he brought her into their society.

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