Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Three Poems into the World

I got accepted into The Delinquent in the United Kingdom.

“Thanks for your submissions. We drove a van through the plate glass window and grabbed “Hear the News”, “The Bacterium that Hated Eskimo Joe”, and “My concept is: Care Bears”. Maybe we could have got away with more, but the sirens were screaming for blood.

We’re pleased to say we’ll be displaying these beautiful works in issue 12 of the delinquent”

So they have great acceptance letters while their journal also contains diverse and interesting poetry and short stories, two reasons to buy their magazine.

The other reason to buy their magazine is that I expect every person, all one of you, who accidentally visit this blog, on average twice a day, to buy a copy — in .pdf or hardcopy. Yes, the last reason to buy this magazine is that I expect you to buy the magazine called The Delinquent.

Support your poets, their poems are often about you even when you don’t know it, and on average they make less than musicians and artists while not complaining about it anywhere near as much as either of those two groups of artistic community members.

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