Monday, September 13, 2010

Canberra Roller Derby League – 11 September 2010 the Brindabelters vs the Black'n'Blue Belles

The Black'n'Blue Belles overcame the Brindabelters (112 points to 105) in a bout where Belles’ Jammer ShortStop had her run of the track. Multiple high score jams from ShortStop, supported by Kitten Kaboodle, Dee Nature (previously the Surly Griffins’ awesome Pivot) and defender Cherry AxeWound reduced large Belle point deficits several times. For the Belters, consistent jams from Captain Shaggle Frock were let down by poor defence from teammates Dalai Lama and Ova Bearing, whose cheap shots outshone past cheating by team-mate the Dutch Ass. In the end the Belles justly took a close bout from the Belters.

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