Sunday, October 31, 2010

Canberra Roller Derby League - the Surley Griffins Crush Red Bellied Black Hearts

Sixteen October 2010 and the Surley Griffins out-roll, gun and tonne the Red Bellied Black Hearts; smashing a 106 to 74 blooding. With no hesitation in grinding Black noses into the track, 308 Amy Kazee’s wilful skater annihilation came with Surley defence and offence that out-matched individual Black efforts by 4’11 Bambi and 72 Belle. Even if the bout had a Black Jammer Ref who could count and skate, or a rule to stop Surley Jammer track-cuts to points, the Blacks still would have lost. If the Blacks do not find some teamwork they are in for a Brindabelters bashing. 

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