Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Cannibal Kittens & Dubious Mothers 
What-for Tenettabaum? Avuncular!

Canberra’s 2nd Annual 
Spoken Word Showcase 
at The Front, 
hosted by Andrew Gayland 
and Julian Fleetwood

26 November, words start 8pm, $5 Entry


JACINTA, Alison McGregor, 
CJ, Josh Inmania, 
Miranda Lello, 
Joel Barcham and 
More Julian Fleetwood!

Guest words from: 

Bela Farkas, 
Michael Klapdoor 
& Leon Twardy

Joining them from 

the locker room are 
the winners of 
the Front Slam’s 
year long special moves 
word-off championship 
word-on again then 
on the floor with more words: 

Benjo, antyphayse 
and CJ, AGAIN!

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