Sunday, November 28, 2010

Poet gets words published

Keep an eye out for The Delinquent 13 which will include: Real Gone Lee-on and The Way We Go; two poems by me, your poet in the Can.
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the Delinquent magazine
While you wait check out The Delinquent 12 for poetry, short stories and pictures of space from space.

The Delinquent is a United Kingdom-based journal, support a poet.


  1. Thanks, I am very happy. The Delinquent published The Care Bear Poem, The Bacterium that Hated Eskimo Joe and Hear the News in issue 12, so it feels good to have Real Gone Lee-on, which is older than any of those, and The Way We Go which is much newer, in their forthcoming issue. It’s like poetry, to quote George Lucas.