Tuesday, January 04, 2011

KATZENJAMMER @ Parlour, the Woodford Folk Festival, 31 DECEMBER 2010 to 1 JANUARY 2011

The storm broke briefly over Woodford for KATZENJAMMER to take those with luck or sense through midnight into 2011.  Could you be beat to channel David Byrne’s step to the sound KATZENJAMMER brought into Parlour at midnight? Probably and that means you can dance and dance and everyone did to KATZENJAMMER; except for one large hairy guy, captivated.  
About him the dance floor, packing, jumped to the audience welcome for authenticity, authenticity wrapped in the cloth of styles that other bands take one life at a time.  And Old Man Luedecke stood enthralled.  Then, through the lost train of thought came the bugle call and Viking Princesses battled for no reason other than the beauty of chopping each other to bits.  KATZENJAMMER: see them, listen to them, hope they visit your town, play your favourite venue and eat all the food out of your fridge.

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