Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Canberra Roller Derby League, 2 April 2011, the Surly Griffins versus the Black n Blue Belles @ the Southern Cross Stadium

The Surly Griffins win 150 to the Black n Blue Belles132 in a bout that starred performances from the Bs newest Wrecker, 1st, and newest jammer, Prairie Scorn. Amidst strong Griffin defence and offence 1st head-on out-jammed veteran Griffin Amykazeee (who looked to need a cuppa and a lie-down) but also smashed Griffins, which is what you want at Derby, good jam and smashing. A jam from 0+ capitalised on Griffins distracted by Amykazeees calls for help, help, but B defense couldnt intercept the Griffins Aunty Aggro, Rainbow Spite or Cassatrophic who all made up for Amykazeee. The Bs also missed opportunities to keep Griffins binned, the Bs lacked a rolling Cleaver, Short Stop looked distracted then exhausted, Jam Pants stoic efforts didnt gain enough, and the Bs didnt exploit Amykazeees skating weakness, all this left the Surly Griffins to win by 18 points.

Where are you Cleaver?

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