Friday, April 01, 2011

Words Forthcoming in the Delinquent Issue 14

The best acceptance letters.

"Good work as ever! We’re pleased to say we’ll be printing “My concept is: Homage” and “The suns fall at zero” in issue 14 of the delinquent.


Air Raid - Josef Čapek
After a brief reorientation course, followed by a medical, social networks and so on, you’ll remember that here at the delinquent we pride ourselves on a mind-melding, collegiate, dynamic and motivated team-building, combined with innovative text-based solutions.

Please study your copies of the staff handbook, staff codebook and staff jokebook. Presentation skills and core competencies must be available for inspection at all times.


Multi-disciplinary ethos.

& esteemed officers of assurance.

We were greatly impressed with your comportment, deportment, aplomb, and we hope you’ll continue to send us your work."

"My concept is: Homage" as inspired by, and translated by, Tomás Browne. Tomás is a genius poet from Chile who may be working in the garden outside your house as you read this.

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