Monday, July 18, 2011

Poems forthcoming in The Delinquent Magazine Issue Fifteen

August is double poem month, all in Issue 15 of The Delinquent Magazine.

If I'd sold my Grandma I’d buy her back.

Now Marvel at this picture of an Oltec Merchant who offers to help your people.

Now read below for another great collection of acceptance words.

“The theme to this issue’s acceptance letter is IDENTITY, or what makes you you. So expect references to your municipal swimming baths, and local cafes, and other amenities, paeans and peonies.
Understandably, tailoring our messages with pungent local landmark spices will take a little time. But it is an undertaking we are more than willing to shoulder, because we want to know more and more and more about the leaky roofs and raging hormones that make you all so special. We have enlisted the services of a few hundred recently unemployed journalists to make this happen (with a few Met officers thrown in for free).
In the meantime, while we gather the dirt, we are pleased to tell you that we will be printing “Spaceship Twangdog” and “The baine-maries” in issue 15 of the delinquent.
Home is where the heart is.

What’s an Oltec Merchant?
I can hear you ask.

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