Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Best Australian Poems 2011

The front cover

You should find The Best Australian Poems 2011 because the only pub inside is the Phoenix Pub in Canberra. Once you have it take it to that pub. At the pub drink cider/beer while yelling/mumbling at the poems you don't like and yelling/mumbling the ones you do. Spill cider/beer all-over the book. Yell/mumble your own poems at the guy next to you. Have a guy recommend a rye/whiskey/rum. Offer your opinion on the rye/whiskey/rum. Get yelled at that he DOESN'T WANT YOUR FUCKING OPINION ON THE RYE/WHISKEY/RUM. You’ve lost the book. Yell/mumble more. Also I have a poem in there.

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