Friday, April 29, 2011

BAD!SLAM!NO!BISCUIT! @ The Phoenix, 730PM Wednesday 18 May


Having survived the arrival and departure of Power Girl and a tired looking Superman BAD!SLAM!NO!BISCUIT! is back for another May edition of POETRY.

Yes another MAY edition
And yes,

That means we want your words on the stage at the Phoenix for TWO WHOLE MINUTES, or less.

It doesn’t actually have to be poetry;
we won’t judge what it is or what it is worth.

That’s why we have judges.
Words on stage, your words, that’s what we want.

So bring your beards to
the MAY edition of Bad!Slam!No!Biscuit! featuring:

He’s a poet!

And the ambulations of

He’s an entertainer specatculair (that’s French)

So for glory, kransky, action figures, gift vouchers, crappy books, maybe carrots, the MASTER OF CONFLICT, the SCORE ADDER and a chance to tell it how you see it and hopefully leave us all confused and none-the-wiser about how you tried to make us eat your underwear, join us for BAD!SLAM!NO!BISCUIT!.


730pm sign-up, words start at 8pm, four or more first prizes, no props – which means Wheet Bix and custard on stage disqualify you! – an audience for you, no music, judges for your drinking pleasure and two minutes of original material by you on stage!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Two new zines from Zine Empire - A One Act Play: The Chicken Man Stand By Witch Ghost, and The Chicken Poem

Zine Empire published two new zines for the ACT Writers Centre and Canberra Contemporary Art Space zine fair on 9 April

The Cover to A One Act Play: The Chicken Man Stand
by Witch Ghost

The cover to The Chicken Poem,
including art by Anne Lander
and Paul Summerfield, words by Andrew Galan

If you want your work published by Zine Empire then email


These zines plus other randomly selected Zine Empire publications have also been sent to randomly selected Zine Distributors that do not make you go through a selective submission process

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Canberra Roller Derby League, 2 April 2011, the Surly Griffins versus the Black n Blue Belles @ the Southern Cross Stadium

The Surly Griffins win 150 to the Black n Blue Belles132 in a bout that starred performances from the Bs newest Wrecker, 1st, and newest jammer, Prairie Scorn. Amidst strong Griffin defence and offence 1st head-on out-jammed veteran Griffin Amykazeee (who looked to need a cuppa and a lie-down) but also smashed Griffins, which is what you want at Derby, good jam and smashing. A jam from 0+ capitalised on Griffins distracted by Amykazeees calls for help, help, but B defense couldnt intercept the Griffins Aunty Aggro, Rainbow Spite or Cassatrophic who all made up for Amykazeee. The Bs also missed opportunities to keep Griffins binned, the Bs lacked a rolling Cleaver, Short Stop looked distracted then exhausted, Jam Pants stoic efforts didnt gain enough, and the Bs didnt exploit Amykazeees skating weakness, all this left the Surly Griffins to win by 18 points.

Where are you Cleaver?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Delinquent Issue 14 out now.

Support poetry and buy a copy, $5.29 for the print version $1.50 to download a copy.

With words and art by all these people:

Anne Blonstein, Peter LaBerge, Richard Tyrone Jones, Alan Price, Hicham Bensassi, Andrew Pidoux, Graham Buchan, DP Jones, Gareth Strachan, Nick Bridson Baker, Amit Parmessur, M. A. Schaffner, Deborah L. Gordon, Duncan Jones, Mark Antony Owen, Stephen Devereux, Paul Norcross, Geoffrey Loe, Adam Moorad, Ray Blake, Rich Ives, Valentina Cano, Beth Jellicoe, Austin Rory Hackett, John Sibley Williams, Peter Ebsworth, Carlo Taylor, Jeremy Quinn, Timothy James Earl, Brooke Persich, Henry Blake, Robert Marsland, Carl Palmer, Steve Loton, Lisa Kelly, Zin Kenter, John Thake, Tim Frank, Andrew Smith, W Oleson, Michael Pedersen, Richard Halperin, Peter Leahy, Ricky Garni, Mark Floyer, Jim Davis, KJ Moore, David Mac, Paul Birtill, Norman Staines, Charles Pitter, Robert McClure, Jason King, Bart Sonck, Steve Taylor, Alex Mahoney, Andrew Galan, Tomás Browne, Bruce Lader, Dan Piorkowski, Jim Meirose, RL Greenfield, David S. Pointer, Adam Flint, Thomas Pescatore, N. AYara Stein, Zoe Warren, Amy Schreibman Walter, Mel Fawcett, Christos Sakellarios, Chris Guidon, Ken Champion, Rehan Qayoom, and a cover by Denny E. Marshall.

You know you want to know them, plus I am in that list.

Saturday, April 09, 2011

BAD!SLAM!NO!BISCUIT! @ The Phoenix, 730PM Wednesday 20 April


The birthday edition

YES, you read right, THE BIRTHDAY EDITION.

In April we celebrate the birthdays of Emperor Go-Saga of Japan, Ludwig IV of Baveria who was a Roman Catholic Bavarian emperor, William Harvey an English physician and Charles de Saint-Évremond who was a French soldier!


‘Cause it is the BIRTHDAY EDITION OF BAD!SLAM!NO!BISCUIT! and Georg Mohr a Danish mathematician has his birthday in April too.

Now celebrating all those old guys birthdays may be AWEsome, but because we like to be more AWEsome than awesome we also bring you two feature acts:

Matt Hetherington
Now you may be thinking who is this Matt Hetherington?
he isn’t from ‘round these parts
(these parts being Canberra)

And because one feature act is not enough we bring you

Drew Walky,
who can play music on his guitar and sing at the same time!

Now for those that have got this far but are baffled about what this BAD!SLAM!NO!BISCUIT! is all about
BAD!SLAM!NO!BISCUIT! is a poetry slam,
that means we want your words on the Phoenix stage for TWO MINUTES for prizes, prizes donated by Impact Comics, Mind Games, Smiths Alternative Bookshop, Really Really Cheap stuff we find or AWEsome things people give us.

And original material
And five judges
A Master of Conflict
A Score Adder
A microphone
to perform
to judge
to drink

So be at the PHOENIX at 730pm to sign up and perform your words,
to sign up to judge someone’s words,
to drink, to yell, to listen to people’s spoken words.
I think I am repeating myself, WHERE'S MY COFFEE!
And no props or music.
And remember it is also Clint Howards’ birthday, he is brother to Ron!

Friday, April 01, 2011

Words Forthcoming in the Delinquent Issue 14

The best acceptance letters.

"Good work as ever! We’re pleased to say we’ll be printing “My concept is: Homage” and “The suns fall at zero” in issue 14 of the delinquent.


Air Raid - Josef Čapek
After a brief reorientation course, followed by a medical, social networks and so on, you’ll remember that here at the delinquent we pride ourselves on a mind-melding, collegiate, dynamic and motivated team-building, combined with innovative text-based solutions.

Please study your copies of the staff handbook, staff codebook and staff jokebook. Presentation skills and core competencies must be available for inspection at all times.


Multi-disciplinary ethos.

& esteemed officers of assurance.

We were greatly impressed with your comportment, deportment, aplomb, and we hope you’ll continue to send us your work."

"My concept is: Homage" as inspired by, and translated by, Tomás Browne. Tomás is a genius poet from Chile who may be working in the garden outside your house as you read this.

Training Your Recycled Energetic Doctor


Navy Support Facility ----- ------
----- ------ BIOT, ------ Archipelago. 

What do they do there?

Space Travel Experimentation and Development Site:

Worm Hole Technology – Portable and Fixed
Space Travel by Nuclear and Thermonuclear Detonation
Space Bending Travel
Space Mind Travel
Zombification Longevity Project
Non-corporeal Project
The Mind into Matter Project