Tuesday, April 03, 2012

31 March 2012: the Red Bellied Black Hearts v the Brindabelters @ South Cross Stadium, Canberra

A 160 to 80 point blood bath was what the Red Bellied Black Hearts poured for the Brindabelters in the opening bout of the 2012 Canberra Roller Derby season.

Roulette Rouge, Bambi Von Smasher and Faunacat, ably supported by the Behemoth, showed the depth of the Red Bellied Black Hearts squad and controlled the majority of the bout.

Shaggle Frock and the Brindabelters had no answer; initial efforts at a slow pack to provide opportunity to power into points didnt pay-off and the best Brindabelters' breaks didnt add up to remaining in sight of the Black Hearts' jam booty, even the Dali Slamers vocal and reaching defence didnt have an impact.

Throughout the bout some of the referees barely kept on their skates and at times lost focus. The Brindabelters tried to capitalise on this by stretching the pack out of shape to hunt for the Black Hearts jammers, but still the Belters were swamped by their opponents rampage.

The referees eventually got their game on leading to a pile-up of sin binned Brindabelters, including Ova Bearing and the Dalai who could have been binned more times had the refs focussed eyes earlier.

At the final jam the best team won, the Brindabelters putting up little effective fight as they were pushed off the plank. The Surly Griffins and the BlacknBlue Belles better have more depth in offence and defence or the Red Bellied Black Hearts are going to swab the poop deck with them.

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