Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Delinquent Magazine issue 17 out now

W.M. Keck Observatory/NASA/JPL-G.Orton

Above is a "mosaic false-colour image of thermal heat emission from Saturn and its rings taken on February 4, 2004, with the Keck I telescope at 17.65 micron wavelengths. The black square at 4 o'clock represents missing data."

And in other news...“issue seventeen wears a bowler hat and lipstick.

issue seventeen of the delinquent is now out.


Christina Thatcher, Ian Mole, James B. Nicola, Andrew Galan, Graham Buchan, DilRahmon, Jack Miller, Caroline Vero, Charles Portolano, Peter Ebsworth, Daniel Adey, David Mac, Francesca Borrelli, Jeremy Quinn, Chris Jackson, Richard Byron Johnson, John Clarke, Anthony Arnott, M. A. Schaffner, Paul Birtill, Laura Madeline Wiseman, Ryan Sharp, Zdravka Evtimova, Ray Blake, Ruth Hobson, Judy Katz-Levine, Christopher Anthony Leibow, Ben Jellicoe, Dominique Golden, Steven Loton, Christopher Barnes, Mark Blayney, Frederick Pollack, Jacob Edwards, Tom Oristaglio, Grzegorz Wr√≥blewski, Stephen Ramsey, Jason King, Marianne MacRae, Sean Ulman, Jim Davis, Nicholas Francis, Clive Donovan, Michael H. Brownstein, Patrizia Longhitano, Rob Stuart, B. D. Fischer, Tom Stenton, Ted Jean, Geoffrey Loe, Hannah Fairhead, Ian Sanquist, John McKeown, Chris Kelso, Gareth Writer-Davies, Idris Pavieu, Ryan J. Davidson, Dave Migman, Charles Pitter, Kyle Ferguson, Winston Plowes, John Short, Mark Plummer, and artwork by Eleanor Leonne Bennett.” 

The Delinquent issue 17
I am in that list. 

This magazine is available as an Amazon Kindle ebook, print & pdf versions are available from lulu

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