Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Words and pictures

MAYDAY magazine has published the poem
Wrong Side of the Road.

MAYDAY magazine

They have also published a series of artworks. one piece includes a tank; the art is not by me.

Meanwhile Geoff Manaugh, on his BLDBLOG, writes about intelligent geotextiles (which are not talking teacloths) that:

"The "perimeter detection ring" examined above, for instance, would instead be used to repel or otherwise blind "intruding" UAVs* and UGVs**; this could be used for everything from keeping a foreign power's drones out of your sovereign airspace to preventing the IRS*** from flying drones over your suburb for property tax purposes."

Tablecloths against taxes!

And that: "What appears to be a garden is a computational geotextile interacting with driverless ground vehicles miles away."

Blankets for road-works!

Being that “In mythological terms, this would be the geotextile as talisman, or terrestrial ring of protection.

Tomato shade solution against illegal aliens!

Go read some poetry at MAYDAY magazine.

UGV and shell

*Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
**Unmanned Ground Vehicles
*** American for all things we hate about government

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