Friday, June 15, 2012

The Black’n’Blue Belles V The Surly Griffins, 12 May 2012 CRDL bout @ Southern Cross Stadium

In their first 2012 Canberra Roller Derby League bout The Black’n’Blue Belles dismembered The Surly Griffins 228 to 124. Based on rosters it was clear the Belles were likely to butcher the Surlys. However, this augury was upset during the first period as referees repeatedly allowed Surlys to stretch the pack out of shape. This leeway facilitated Surly Aunty Aggro’s bad plays. Blocking outside the pack, and using hands and elbows, she effectively ground the straight stabbing Belles to a deceptively close half-time 100-96 score-line. Even ShortStop’s jams couldn’t cut through.

The second period was a different bout. With jam packs policed Aunty Aggro found herself repeatedly binned (and eventually ejected from the track). Other Surlys also started to be sinned for their Aunty Aggro minors and majors defence method. This change in refereeing cleared the boards for Belles Prairie Scorn, Sideshow Ali, and ShortStop to stack up points with skill and, as Dee Nature with Trixie Dynamite blocked, the Belles controlled the last period to rack the bout. Even the ejection of Belles’ great defender The Cleaver didn’t prevent the Surlys being boned.

The next bout is 11 August, the Black’n’Blue Belles will battle the Red Bellied Black Hearts; unless the Surly Griffins find something more than Aunty Aggro’s bad play this next bout is a taste of the 2012 Grand Final and The Brindabelters and Surlys will be left scrapping for the off-cuts.

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