Tuesday, August 14, 2012

11 August 2012 @ Southern Cross Stadium, the Black 'n' Blue Belles defeat the Red Bellied Black Hearts

The Black 'n' BlueBelles’ Trixie Dynamite held the last charge by Red Bellied Black Hearts’ jammer FaunaCat just long enough to allow teammate ShortStop to penetrate a strong defence and finish off the Black Hearts by a close ten point advantage, the Belles winning 184 to 174.

The bout showcased some great strategy and plays from both teams. Trixie Dynamite and Dee Nature led the successful Belles defence, despite an obvious hole left by The Cleaver’s trackside position. And while the early portion of the bout saw liberal hands and elbows from Black Hearts’ Mutha Farquar, particularly a massive jab that felled Belles’ Valhannah in front of the sin bin, this did not continue throughout the bout and, as the referees also put a stop to some Hi 5 bad play outside the pack, the teams were able to concentrate on strong jams full of solid blocks and quick footwork.

The largest gap in the bout came early in the first half when the Black Hearts led 80 to 43. This blow-out, largely due to a Bohemeth Rhapsody power jam, was subsequently steadily eaten by unstoppable point scoring from Shortstop, strong jams from Sideshow Ali and Fanta C. Lane, as well as the steady offence of Valhannah. This fight-back took the Belles to the lead during the second half and, as Dee Nature’s declaration of the Belles’ as the comeback kids proved true, the Belles’ jammers pushed through tough defence from the Bohemeth, Bambi von Smash’er, and Farquar; a strong trio that just did not have the nous to quell the best of the Belles. The Black Hearts also had a noticeable lack of defence when this triple was not filling the line, but as other Black Hearts’ jammers, such as Bebe Aggressive, lacked the skill to break the Belles’ defence it was necessary to throw von Smash’er into the offence repeatedly.

Ultimately the stronger team prevailed, but this was the closest fought bout this season, the end of the year will hopefully tell how much of a difference The Cleaver will make when these two teams meet in the final. The next bout should be a cake walk for the Red Bellied Black Hearts who are facing the Surly Griffins, but so long as the refs keep eagle eyes out for bad play from the likes of AmyKazee and Aunty Aggro it should still be an interesting confrontation.


  1. This is the most outrageous load of crap I have read in a while. The Cleaver hasn't left a huge gap in the Belles line-up, while she is a good blocker, she isn't the only player on the team. I think it's great she isn't playing. It gives all the other girls a chance to show everyone what they are made of. The Bible Basher, for example, more than filled the whole left by the Cleaver. The Black Hearts played amazingly well. As a long time fan and retired referee, I note that all players contributed to a rather clean game. Amykazee is an extremely talented and fair player. Having represented our country she deserves more than to be painted as a bad player. Flying Foxy (Hi5) is also a fantastic and agile Jammer. Both her and Bebe Aggressive contributed to a well fought game and deserve a round of applause. Perhaps you should get on the track and face off with some of the girls you are sledging here. I'd like to see it. Half time entertainment maybe? Until you can face off against these amazing athletic women I think you should keep your big GOB SHUT!

  2. Hi Anonymous,

    Thanks for taking the time to comment. I have the utmost respect for what the Canberra Roller Derby League has achieved; the level of commitment that has built such a great new part of Canberra is obvious to anyone that goes to a bout. Regarding the comments on the Belles’ defence, it is clear in the writing that I think the Belles put up a strong defence, the point of The Cleaver reference is how much stronger it will be with that skater present in what is I understand is her specialist position. That commentary does not to diminish those who rolled out in the Belles defence in this bout. As far as the comments go regarding jabs and hands, I stand by them, all respect to whether a player has represented Australia or it is their first time out there, either way I am writing short reviews about what I see from the sidelines. I am a huge fan of the sport and have been to a great many bouts.

    Thanks again for taking the time to post and for reading my blog, especially as you have in-depth experience with Roller Derby.

  3. I suspect that while you enjoy the game your observations do lack some knowledge. Given their are 7 referees assigned to monitor gameplay I suspect they would pick up all of this dirty gameplay that you claim is occurring. At the end of the day if a player fouls in such a way that you claim to have seen they would have been sent to the sinbin? And probably ejected.

    Roller derby is a contact sport and as such there will always be an element of rough and tumble. While it is admirable to heap praise upon one player this is a team sport where all contribute. It would be nice if you could curtail your negative comments in regard to some of these players. You claim these are observations of a game however they are hurtful to the people you attack and as a fan it would be nice for you to at least show some respect to all of the players of CRDL

  4. So I submitted a comment to you Andrew but am still waiting for you to put it up?

  5. Hi Dalai SLAM’ER,

    Thanks for taking the time to comment.

    The focus of this article is what a strong bout to watch this one was, due to:
    (a) the strength and quality of skating from the two teams who managed (amongst all the rough and tumble) to engage in great legal blocks, pursue many jams that passed through the pack without penalty, and use different offensive and defensive combinations to differing degrees of effect; and
    (b) far less skaters in the sin bin for the majority of the bout compared to the last two games of this season (due to the quality of skating and refereeing).

    As you highlight too, within your comment, people are fallible and I don’t claim to have witnessed everything in the bout. Similarly I would not expect the referees to see everything nor interpret what they see in a manner identical to someone else. But that doesn’t mean that things missed cannot be highlighted post bout. And I readily admit that I am still learning a great deal about Roller Derby.

    Some context for all that is provided within the above very short article. I could have removed the Derby-names of the skaters who committed penalties or those involved in the great combinations, but then that would have made the article too ambiguous resulting in the charge of a lack of detail indicating a lack of attention to the bout.

    All that said I do take on board your comments as I attempt to balance and improve the quality of my writing on what I consider the best sport to watch in Canberra.

    Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. I appreciate you writing, the intent of my articles is to cover the bouts and not to offend.