Saturday, September 08, 2012

8 September, Red Bellied Black Hearts to defeat Surly Griffins @ Southern Cross Stadium

Based on form this season the impending bout between the Surly Griffins and the Red Bellied Black Hearts is likely to be a blood bath for the Surlys. Surly combinations are set to lack sufficient punch to break the Black Heart defence and the Black Hearts, based on bouts this season, are set to cut their opponents into post wash-up pieces with their combinations as they move themselves closer to facing the Black 'n' Belles in a Blue versus Red Grand Final, and make up for their close 11 August defeat by the Belles.

The Surly’s have experienced Canberra Roller Derby League skaters on their team. Aunty Aggro and Rainbow Sprite are part of the Vice City Rollers, a team enjoying past thundering victory as well as enduring crushing defeat while representing the Australian Capital Territory (ACT). The Surly’s also have AmyKazee who represents the ACT, and held a place on Team Australia where she faced the total annihilation of her team in the USA vs. Australia confrontation but came away with a 4th place in the series of international bouts. But all that experience has not yet translated into Surly success, on 12 May, in their bout with the Belles, the Surly green team was overrun. Unless something turns around it probably won’t be until 20 October when we see a good shot for a Surly victory when they match with the Brindabelters.

The Black Hearts narrow defeat by the Belles last month provides insight into the possible combination that can easily win this coming bout. Bambi von Smash’er; Bohemeth Rhapsody; and Jaxhammer, if they roll out together will likely shut out their green opponents. This bout Bebe Aggressive is more likely to find weaknesses within the Surly line through which she can punch, and if Roulette Rouge rolls out as jammer, along with FaunaCat, then the Surly’s are likely to find themselves facing a world of hurt; von Smash’er could concentrate on defence while other jammers attack the Black Heart line. Interesting is that the combination of long-term experience with newer skaters in the Black Hearts has gelled successful combinations where in comparison the Surly team has not yet had such an apparent development.

Hopefully since their defeat by the Belles the Surly’s have strengthened and improved their defence and offence because if they haven’t this next bout is liable to have another lop-sided scoreboard weighted against them.

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  1. Well it certainly wasn’t the massacre I was predicting, 151-127 and a win for the Surly Griffins. I am looking forward to the next bouts of the season even more now.