Friday, September 07, 2012

Poetry & two weeks

In Brisbane:

SpeedPoets last Saturday was loads of fun, both performing a set of poems and listening to new poetry, so thank you very much Graham Nunn and SpeedPoets for having me feature.

I stole this picture
This Saturday night I have a small fun part to play in the Page vs. Stage Poetry Slam at the Brisbane Writers Festival, and Sunday I am featuring at Jam Jar Poetry. Jam Jar is a poetry slam in the round with no microphone, run by Darkwing Dubs it has even more poets to listen to. A Café Kitchen Hip Hop group, Harmaphonics, will be featuring, so I am looking forward to hearing rhymes about entrées, health inspectors, tea-towels, and the heat under the condensate hood (Yeah, I’ve been in the kitchen and I managed to work my way out in a rags to riches story too); it’s gonna be rad. MC Kudos is another of the feature acts:

None of my poems are in anyway Hip Hop so I am looking forward to the mix.

The rest of the two weeks has been filled with walking, sun, finding all the comic book and non-comic book shops of the Brisbane Central Business District, some poetry at the Queensland Poetry Festival, and hanging out with Tessa and Hadley and Harry, as well as drinking coffee, and seeing some of the Brisbane people who are really nice. I have not caught up with everyone I had hoped to but I did have dinner with Doubting Thomas and Scott Sneddon, both really good to spend time with and I enjoyed seeing them again.

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