Saturday, November 17, 2012

These worlds are procedurally generated

Much care was given to maximum compactness of code.


The last part added was the 3D radar display fitted into the last few unused bytes in their computer.

Then I received this from The Delinquent Magazine:

Hi Andrew,

Will you marry me? Thank you for your submission. The delinquent is pleased to announce that we will be printing ‘War, what is it good for? (A Gen-kill poem)’ and ‘George Clooney can do anything’ in issue 19.

We have specially ‘borrowed’ this plane to contact you because, although we are unable to pay contributors, or even provide them with a free copy, we honestly believe that, where your writing is concerned – THE SKY IS THE LIMIT!!”

Photographs of this message can be viewed at:

https colon forwardslash forwardslash the_pentagon forwardslash aerialsurveillance (one word) dot axisofevil (one word) dot fp=126qz, 3pvw dot X7984g15D2

Please set your browser not to accept cookies. To view your message correctly you will need one of the following: (1) a mirror; or (2) photo-editing software – please select flip image horizontal.

Alternatively for a 7” x 6” glossy print of your message, please send your passport and a recent utility bill, together with a banker’s draft for $30 to the following address: The Secret Government of Earth, #REDACTED#, #REDACTED#, Isle of wight. Please remember to clearly mark your envelope ‘Top Secret’.

Please note all highly classified aerial surveillance images will be automatically recorded over within 12 hours of receiving this email, so don’t delay!

Now it is time to let the docking computer fly the Cobra Mk III: 

Elite by David Braben and Ian Bell

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